Listening to Your Concerns, Hopes and Dreams

We begin by listening closely...with our hearts as well as our ears, to your concerns, hopes and dreams.


We then proceed by implementing the science of modern dental diagnostics to determine the current condition and health of your teeth and gums along with any underlying factors that could be affecting your oral health and beauty.


"I'm very fussy and a terrible patient and I've been with Dr. Nusblatt since the beginning.  He's a prince!  Not only are his technical skills excellent, but he has the patient-side manner to put me at ease and make me a more relaxed and trusting patient."
Edna Bornstein

We then recommend a customized treatment plan incorporating the art and science of dental restoration and revitalization, utilizing the most safe and effective treatments and procedures possible.


Applying our exclusive approach, we address all contributing factors and underlying issues, hence improving your overall oral health and well-being—not just your beauty.


Contact us today at 212.473.2164 and begin living life with a beautiful smile!





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