Get a Digital Smile Makeover

Using LUMISmile, we will show you an eye-opening before-and-after comparison of how incredible your smile can be with Lumineers. It’s free, takes only 30 minutes, and you see your results in the same visit!


"I am a long time patient of Dr. David Nusblatt. His calm professional presence alleviated any anxiety that I had about having dental work done. He has a gentle touch and works efficiently so the work is completed in a short amount of time. The cosmetic dental work that he performed has brought compliments and he has always been available for my dental emergencies. His staff is friendly and helpful and I feel very comfortable and relaxed in his office."
Jeffrey Grossel


What to Expect

After we take a digital photo of your current smile, our smile artists digitally apply Lumineers to your teeth. Before you leave the dentists’ office, you receive an image portfolio with your new, perfect Lumineers smile.


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